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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ten Movies Nominated for Oscars? There haven't been 10 Oscar worthy movies in the past 10 years!

Hollywood has jumped the shark and who can take them serious anymore?

They now nominate 10 movies a year instead of the 5 top films considered for the previous decades.

Are they implying that any one of 10 movies in 2010 might be worthy of this hallowed award?

Here are some movies I watched during the past 12 months, all of which I deleted before viewing 10 minutes of the film:

Nine ... Undoubtedly the worst musical in Hollywood history

The Other Guys... Will Farrell not content with wrecking his own career; he now wants to drag Mark Wahlberg along with him. Leslie Neilson risen from the dead would not be able to save this bomb.

Get Him to the Greek... What ?????????????????????

Nice Guy Johnny... Nice guy but OMG is he boring.

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With... Sarah Silverman and Jeff Garlin- A match made in Hell

Date Night... Tina and Steve will never appear opposite each other again. They wouldn't dare.

Leap Year...Amy Adams, a gifted actress spends 90 minutes walking and running through mud up to her ankles in Dublin and never once removes her skyscraper heels. Laughable and sad.

It's Complicated... Could have been a decent movie but Meryl Streep no longer even attempts to emote; her facial expression is frozen in time due to one too many face lifts.

Shutter Island... Most depressing movie since Peter Lorre as "M"

Duplicity...Is Drew Barrymore the only actress remaining who can bring present day mummified actors out of thier comas?

The Bounty Hunter... Anniston's 10th consecutive ridiculous role.

Neighbor...With Mink Stole and Stink Fisher. Nuff said.

Observe and Report... Seth Rogen gives a valiant effort but even Laurence Olivier couldn't have saved this turkey.

Public Enemies... Watching Bonnie and Clyde 100 times in a week would be more entertaining than watching this clone once.

An Education... An old geezer destroys the innocence of a very very young maiden. Stomach curdling

Role Models... Great Cast in a worthless movie; only in drug addled La La Hollywood

Vicky Cristina Barcelona... Three terrific stars and not one ounce of chemistry among them. Again, where else but in Hollywood could a screening not recognize this?

So I ask you in all seriousness. How Can these crack heads, heroin freaks and pot heads foist this type of stuff on us and then have the chutzpah to nominate 10 top movies in this or any other year???