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Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Public Option is not an option.It is the core of the health care plan! Stop playing games with us
The only way to reform the most corrupt health care system in the world is to let the Government run it. The doctors know this, the fat cat capitalists know this and above all the greedy Pharmasnootikal companies know this.

Our Social Security program and our Medicare program are the greatest relief efforts ever given to the poor, old,and oppressed in this country. Why do you think these loonies who want to protect their own nests are freaking out?

Every argument you hear being presented against this "option" was heard when SS was being debated and many decades later when Medicare finally passed.The rich do not want to give away one solitary dollar of their treasures.

To understand the mentality of the wealthy classes, read the classic Balzac novel, Eugenie Grandet where the miser Grandet each evening retires to his barricaded retreat in the cellar of his castle and metaphorically bathes in his gold bullions. He has the lost the love of his only daughter because of his affliction but he has all that he really needs, his bullions. With those bullions he can buy back her affection.

An over simplification perhaps but human evil and human greed are difficult to explain to people who are without desperately needed medicine or surgeries. Dramatizing what motivates the affluent is a fair weapon.

Richard H Thaler, a respected behavioral economist, addressed the pros and cons of the "public option" in yesterday's Sunday Times. Here is some of what he says:

"In debating the public option — that is, an insurance option run by the government —the politicians themselves are making exaggerated claims about its pros and cons. We hear from the right that an insurance plan run by the government will drive all private-sector insurers out of business and be the first step toward socialism, if not communism. The left claims that only a public option can give evil insurers the competition they need to create much-needed reform.

"Nailing down this detail is crucial. If the public option does not have to break even — if, in fact, it is to receive government subsidies — then it is correct to worry that it would destroy competition, not foster it. If the public plan runs a deficit, who will fix it? If it is Congress, we have to worry that what should be economic decisions will turn into political battles.

"A second detail is whether the government will grant the public plan the power to impose special deals with suppliers like hospitals and drug companies — a move that would dampen, not enhance, competition with the private sector.

Well I think Mr. Thaler is trying to straddle the middle here and that is not what this health care situation needs. It needs to be run by the government which of course is not going to foster competition. Who needs competition in life and death decisions anyhow?

Are we implying that doctors practice their profession for profits. I thought they took an oath to abide by a higher standard than collecting gold bullions.

Look,there are certain areas of life where competition is not needed. or desired and health is one of them. Let Uncle Sam monitor the doctors,nurses,surgeons,drug companies and the malpractice lawyers. It has worked out for many many years in SS and medicare

Socialized medicine will not lead to Communism. After all Medicare and SS legislation lead us to the Nixon,Reagan, Bush,Bush eras which were closer to fascism than to socialism.

Please President Obama do not short circuit your great pursuits before they get off the ground. Stand by the Public Option!