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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Would Allowing Priests to Wed Solve the Pedophilia Problem? (A weekend repeat)

No because priests don't want to get married!

Priests are gay. Of course, many do not know they are when they enter the priesthood.

The enforced celibacy they willingly sign on for is tantamount to undergoing a form of castration

A sane, heterosexual, straight men would not voluntarily submit to such a life. It is inhuman!It is against all the laws of nature.

Actually there is nothing wrong with gay men becoming priests.

There is everything wrong when these men are pedophiles and for obvious reasons most of these men are gay pedophiles.

Why? Let me give you my theory.

A gay man can find zillions of lovers outside of the priesthood, but if he goes into the priesthood he can have his cake and eat it too.

What I mean by that is that then he can can spend his life in a helping profession, find spiritual fulfillment and as an added bonus meet similarly inclined spiritual men rather than hanging in gay bars and meeting losers.

Not so with gay pedophiles.

They cannot find lovers on the outside because they aren't looking for lovers. they are looking for victims.

So celibacy is not the real problem.

The problem is the priesthood itself,and the Bishops and the Cardinals and the numero uno desperado,the Pope.

They are all involved in the greatest, most sinister cover-up in history.

The problem is organized religion and the tremendous amount of money which is needed to sustain it. The tax protection given to Churches should be eliminated as a first step.

Corruption always exists side by side with high finances. It's a lot more easy to look the other way on the pedophilia problem when there is so much money at stake. That's exactly why the church hierarchy has let this go on for so many hundreds of years.

Certainly they assumed they would never be found out.They never thought for a minute they could be caught. They could go to Sunday dinner at the home of the boys they were molesting. Why it would be sacrilegious for the boys parents to even entertain such a thought. They would got straight to hell.

What a weapon to hold in your hands.First understand human nature. We don't want to believe our fellow human beings are capable of such evil.

This is why we glorify criminals instead of believing their victims. It's why a surgeon can leave us crippled and we hesitate to press charges of malpractice.It is why women fall in love with vicious criminals on death row.

The fear of ever doubting the motives of a priest was taught in Sunday school, and has been shouted into the souls of men for centuries in sermons by these sexually frustrated men.

Go back into the archives of the daily Question Blog and read the June 30th post titled "Is God Dead" based on the book by Nietzsche "Thus Spake Zarathustra."

The essence of Nietzsche's thought is that God was killed by pity and that the murder was an inside job.

The first Apostles,who were in fact the first priests, set Jesus up as a mythological creator who suffered for us. If we would be saved from fire and brimstone in the life hereafter we must suffer here on this earth for him.

Now I am not a biblical expert but I know that is not what Jesus taught.

How easy to spread the gospel when you use pity as a tool. I read a classic novel many years ago dealing with the subject of pity, The Red and the Black by StendahL.

Pity and empathy are not the same. Pity leads to lack of empathy. It leads to suppressed anger and expresses itself ultimately as trivialization which is the opposite of empathy.

That is why religious pedophilia is being criminally trivialized to this day.

There is too much pity and trivialization in this world.Empathy has just about disappeared. There are people going around denying that slavery ever existed.They also contend that there was no holocaust.By 2020 They will obliterate the history of these molesting priests in a similar manner.

Will close with this:

The Catholic church, according to an editorial comment in the Sunday NY Times, is presently investigating whether "nuns (women) are living in fidelity to religious life".

How's that for changing the subject.

Are they implying the nuns are lesbians? Centuries of indifference to gay priests and now suddenly the problem is the Sisters?


PS: some updates on this topic since this post was originally published:

Since 2002, a government-funded compensation board has paid out more than euro900 million ($1.25 billion) to about 12,000 people abused in church-run facilities for children since the 1930s.

In May, a 2,600-page report into that scandal concluded that Catholic orders of nuns, priests and brothers who ran state-funded orphanages, workhouses and reformatories for Ireland's poorest children were guilty of shielding hundreds, if not thousands, of known abusers within their ranks. Crimes documented included ritual beatings, rape, and lying to children that their parents were dead. The last of those church-run facilities closed in the 1990s.

James Patrick Grady, Pastor of St. Raphael The Archangel in south St. Louis, was arrested Wednesday night by local police and the FBI after he showed up at a secret location somewhere in St. Louis County. Grady, 57, had been exchanging emails with an undercover investigator, and had agreed to pay $80 for oral sex from a 16-year-old girl, court documents allege.

And here is as expected a typical reaction from the church school official at Grady's parish:

Ann Perryman, the school board president, emerged saying, "It was a completely isolated incident, I believe." She added, "I think he had a moment of weakness