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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why does Senator Sessions view Supreme Court nominee Sotomayer thru a looking glass darkly?

Because he has flirted with a racist mindset most of his public life.

Sessions was turned down for an Alabama district court judgeship appointment in 1986, by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, because of charges of "racial insensitivity".

Now, twenty three years later, he is the ranking Republican of that same Senate Committee which will be holding hearings on Judge Sonia Sotomayors nomination.

Sessions is particularly sensitive to charges that Judge Sotomayor may have too much empathy. This humanitarian attitude may block her ability to hand down objective opinions from the highest court.

Wow, here we go again with that dreaded word "empathy", possibly the least understood word in the English language.Conservatives believe the word symbolizes everything "bleeding heart" liberals stand for. Sessions and his ilk, have spent 230 years fighting these humanitarians, the very people who he believes gave this country to the minorities.

I devoted an entire post to the definition of "empathy" on this blog several months ago when I was fighting a lonely battle against fraudulent criminals in the household goods moving industry,a battle I eventually won but at a great and lasting cost. So, forgive me if I get excited when I hear this word tossed around loosely by a do no-gooder like the Alabama Senator.

Empathy simply means a feeling or emotion by which someone expresses that he or she shares a sense of outrage or even shock with victimized beings.It sounds simple but it isn't. I have found that most people lack some genetic ability to share the shock and/or outrage of the oppressed or enslaved or criminalized against.

Even normally upstanding people quickly distanced themselves from me. The feeling left with me was that I had brought it on myself.

This is the very same feeling that the minorities in this country live with.Our black population have this feeling almost inbred in them because of the vicious crimes committed against them for centuries.

When people are viewed as inferior, they will eventually feel that they are indeed inferior and will begin to doubt whether they have invited their misery onto themselves.Of course when their minds clear they will fight back.

Judge Sotomayor was raised by a widowed mother in a project in the Bronx. Sessions and other right wing members of the Judiciary Committee, like the silky Senator Lindsey Graham,Rep.,S.C, assume that her background makes it more likely the Judge will empathize with citizens with similar childhood experiences.

Well la de da ! What's wrong with that?

Well here is how Sessions puts it: "The idea that a judge should use his or her personal feelings about a particular group or issues to decide a case stands in stark contrast to the impartiality that we expect in the American courtroom."

He goes on further in his published quotes but I don't want to bore you with ludicrous statements from a twisted man,stained by his own childhood growing up among rednecks.

Impartial American courtrooms? Hah !

Is that why there are 10 black men rotting in our prisons for every one lily white man?

As for Session's fellow Committeeman,Senator Lindsey Graham, let me remind my readers of his background.

This is the man who stood to the right of John McCain throughout the Presidential election campaign; the man who fed lines to McCain when the candidate stumbled on his words,which was just about every day.

Flanking McCain every day on his left was the Benedict Arnold of the 20Th century, Joe Lieberman, the Senator from anywhere.

Graham is an intelligent,patriotic man, I'll give him that. But ironically this stamps him as a hypocrite for strongly supporting the lipstick mom from Alaska for V.P.. He knew damn well Palin could not even read or write. Pathetic cronyism.

Lindsay, who is so smooth I cannot watch him for more than 30 seconds without having to reach for a tums, made some other news this week. He is a very vocal supporter of Mark Sanford of Argentina and urges him to not give in to those calling on him to resign as Gov.. Of course. the normally holier than thou Senator Graham, was in the forefront of the impeachment process of Bill Clinton.

Clinton should have been impeached by Hillary but she turned the other cheek.Was that an act of empathy? Hell no; she was setting herself up for her presidential run and wasn't about to run as a divorcee. These days ,wives of adulterers get lots more sympathy than divorcees.

So there you have it folks, day after day, crooked politicians and judges judging other judges.

When will we humans start discovering what empathy really means?