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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How important is Al Franken's official victory in Minnesota?

Extremely important!

FOr the first time in over 30 years a major party will have a filibuster proof vote margin.

This is a majority you would think would be welcomed by President Obama but the answerman sees it differently. You see, the president sees himself as a compromise chief executive and prides himself on his ability to work with the opposition to achieve bi-partisan results. His hero is Lincoln,who used incredible mediating skills to attain previously unreachable goals.

Well that was yesterday and today is today. There is no longer any reason for Obama to reach across the aisle. He has a solid majority and can now undo the damage done to this country by the Reagen-Bush axis during the past 30 years.

Clinton,also, did very little to push forward the left wing agenda; in fact he basically eliminated the welfare program.

There are millions of defaulted mortage holders who would love to have the welfare option right now, many of them GOP supporters who would normally blanch at the use of that word.

Make no mistake about it; the liberals and progressives put Obama in the White House and we expect him to start moving our platform today. The time for compromise and excuses is over Mr. President. You called for change and the people responded.I don't recall a period when the citizens of this country were more fed up with the status-quo.

We rank disgracefully low among civilized countries in two significant areas, health care and illiteracy. The time for action is now. Hold a symbolic news conference this week with Senator-elect Franken by your side. Make it known to Congress that the numbers game is over.

We demand better schools,brighter more prepared graduates. We insist on health care for all regardless of income; the calibre of health care the members of congress have had for decades.

This is a historic period and you have the opportunity to go down in history as the president who to told the obstructionist minority to get lost.

This window of opportunity will slam shut with a thud in 6 months because Jan.1,2010marks the beginning of a congressional election year. Politicians running for re-election will not advance anything even slightly controversial.

I am confident this president has greatness in him and will speak out on this new situation, but we voters to the left of center are not sure of this. It's possible he will not budge,at least publically, from the center.

He may not feel he has to. He may be too cocky and assume we,his main supporters have no where else to go if he obstinately tries to get 70 votes from senators by watering the health care bill down?

He might be in for a shock come November, 2010.We don't care about numbers 60 or 70, we want legislation sooner than later.Do not take us for granted. Staying home can sometimes be as effective as forming a third party.