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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Flaky, Ignorant Demagogue." ???

I agree with Carl Bernstein who is one of the most reputable newsmen in the country; the man who broke the Watergate story.

However I don't think he went far enough. He said McCain committed an "unpatriotic act" when he selected Sarah Palin as his VP running mate last year.

Bringing this person to an office one heartbeat from the Presidency is not merely unpatriotic. Desecrating our flag is an example of an unpatriotic act. What John McCain did borders on treason.

Sarah Palin is a dangerous person. Let's examine the terms Bernstein used.


This is obvious. Just watch her stomp up the steps, pounce on the microphone, click her heels,and lick her high gloss lipstick. Before she utters one word we know we are in the presence of a flake.


One question from Katie Couric forever stigmatized the former Governor as spaced out. This makes her more, rather than less, dangerous. To understand that ambiguity you have to understand conservative white American men. They find vacuous women fascinating.


A demagogue is one who appeals to and manipulates mass prejudice.

Palin appeals to the whole spectrum of the prejudiced, Those who cannot tolerate the existence of Non-whites,. Her followers don't trust non-Alaskans or gays,. They would stuff religion down our throats. They are gun toting fanatics,and detest those who would let women decide on their own whether they want to have an abortion.

Actually she cannot manipulate anyone because manipulation is an art or a skill. Palin has no skills. She is gorgeous and she is dumb and that is where her great appeal originates.

This is a Capitalistic society. Wealthy white men of influence run it. These men love dumb beautiful women.

Typically these men are very insecure about their sexuality. The Sanfords,Craigs, Foleys, Spitzers, Maddoffs,Haggards see the Sarah Palin type as non-threatening to their macho natures.

She it too dense to manipulate anyone, but she appeals to these dumbed down Kool-Aid followers..

So there you have it. Finally a man of great substance,Bernstein, this morning, stepped up and told the truth.

Millions of influential Democrats feel the same about Palin but you won't see them offering their remarks for publication. They must protect their own hides at all costs.

This is how we live these days.

"See no evil, hear no evil ,speak no evil monkeys," running the Zoo, while the really dangerous animals run wild.