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Monday, June 29, 2009

A humiliated spouse (Jenny) upends a cheating louse (Mark)

Did Jenny Sanford stamp all men as pigs over the weekend?

Absolutely. Yes

Whether intended or not, that was the net effect of her Saturday morning interview with the Sun-Times. The Sun-Times is the newspaper of the South Carolina Myrtle Beach area. This is the district her husband once represented as an up and coming boy wonder congressman.There are more redneck men per square inch in this state than anywhere else in the free world. But there are also powerful,cunning gals who know what makes these guys tick

Jenny grabbed this scandal right out of Mark's dirty claws. She revealed more about herself in a few short paragraphs than her swinish hubby did in hours of self remorse.

She has known about her husband's cheating heart for many months but women like Jenny don't give up the title of "First Lady" easily.She begged him to end the affair.

Mark,in all his pignified stature,turned right around and begged her to let him have just one more fling with Maria Belen Chapur,divorced mother of two sons and a former reporter in Argentina.

Sort of like an alcoholic pleading with his AA sponsor to let him have just "one more drink".

The Sunday NY Times, in the Sunday Styles section has a revealing article suggesting that infidelity is rapidly becoming a minor setback in a marriage and certainly not an important enough reason to head to a divorce court.

On the Op-Ed page, Maureen Dowd castigated the pitiful Governor as only she can.

What's so different about this drama being played out on the public stage is that this time the wife is shaping the story to the press while the chastened hubby stands by with his thumb in his mouth.

I love the Gov.'s recent public statement about Jenny:

"I'd simply say that Jenny has been absolutely magnanimous and gracious as a wonderful Christian woman in this process"

I barfed, pulled myself together, and then paraphrased what this creep was really saying to his deluded redneck following:

" Jenny is a relgious woman from the deep south; she understands that we men are all pigs and need woman to keep us feeding at our home trough most of the time. She also understands that because we are pigs, we need to wander for some strange swill occasionally. Thank God for the bible."

Running a little long with today's topic and I promised to be concise but bear with me a little further. Both of the egotistical characters in this lurid drama are wealthy members of southern royalty (where almost all wealth is inherited wealth from the slave labor system). Jenny and Mark never fail to mention the children as a reason they are trying to save their marriage.

How convenient to use the kids as the rationalization for a stupid decision which will ultimately hurt the children the most.If Jenny really was as concerned as she says she is now, she would have dumped him when she first learned of the affair.

Staying in a bad marriage for the children's welfare is ridiculous. It teaches the children about nothing except hyprocrisy.

Jenny and Mark, face up and split up for the children's sake.

Mark, have you no shame? Resign as Governor today.

PS: As you might expect in a state like this, Sanford's cabinet is standing as almost one in defense of their John Wayne leader. However I would be remiss if I didn't salute one heroic figure. State Sen. Jake Knotts, R-West Columbia called on Sanford to "do the right thing and step down" while also encouraging other legislators to follow his lead.

Very seldom does a Rebublican break ranks in the Age of Limbaugh so we have to honor them when they do.